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Avada's responsive framework ensures your content looks great on all screen sizes.

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Avada includes the Layer Slider, Revolution Slider, Fusion Slider and Elastic Slider.

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Avada offers incredible elements that allow you to create a beautiful site.

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Dozens of well designed shortcodes loaded with options gives you perfect freedom.

Amazing Elements To Build Beauty

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【開箱文】仙氣女神必備之選~ 拒絕用上大媽紫!

By |July 16th, 2018|Categories: ALL|

2018年色彩權威公司pantone公布了紫外光Ultra Violet是今年引領潮流的顏色。因此今年在各種時尚領域包括時裝、彩妝、配飾等等都出現了用“紫外光”為主色的products. 雖然今年是紫色的主場,但並不是穿上紫色就是流行,一不留神很容易就會變成俗氣的大媽紫…… 你心目中的你自己可能是—— 甚至是這樣:   但實際上別人看來你只是—— (Photo: fb精神科觀察日記) 紫色就是這樣一種顏色:用得對可以成為女神,用得不對一秒變大媽~ [...]

【清新夏日必襯單品】Baby blue 首飾點綴你的炎炎夏日!

By |June 28th, 2018|Categories: ALL|

每個季節都有不同的代表顏色。如果說冬天的顏色是深色調的咖啡、酒紅跟灰色的話,那麼夏天,就肯定跟粉粉嫩嫩的色調脫不了關係啦~上一篇文章我們簡介紹了Alchemist Creations新出的粉藍皮革系列,現在就跟我們一齊了解一下粉藍皮革系列的各種單品和搭配建議吧~ 【粉藍系汽水罐錶】 這是我們汽水罐錶家族的新成員——錶面和錶底同樣是半拋光銀色外殼,別於以往的啡、黑和深藍皮革配搭的沈穩風格,這次錶面是被粉藍色皮革包裹著的,猶如夏天穿著粉藍色連衣裙在沙灘追逐奔跑的小女孩般清新可愛;而指針也用了白色和粉藍兩種顏色去配搭,更顯與別不同。Weekday可以搭配白色shirt衫;weekend可以搭配各種連身裙以及丹寧類的衣物,完全係perfect match啊~ 因此無論Weekday還是Weekend配戴都能為你帶來清新感覺。 【心機粉藍小飾物】 夏天總少不免去沙灘逛逛,跟陽光玩玩遊戲。粉藍色與陽光、沙灘也是十分相襯啊!我們用鋁罐加上粉藍皮革造出海星耳環、小貝殼耳環和貝殼頸鏈。更特別的是,各款耳環除了可以作為首飾配戴,亦能在外出遊玩渡假時別在草帽、衣服上,讓你多一種搭配方法之餘,又不和別人撞衫~一舉兩得啊!   感謝你看完這篇文章,喜歡這系列嗎?我們很樂意為你提供一額外優惠,就可享順豐自取點免運費優惠(平時需付$22)。 [...]

【踢走Blue Monday】 為死氣沈沈的Monday來點Out of blue吧!

By |June 22nd, 2018|Categories: ALL|

陰陰沈沈的星期一,有唔少打工仔稱之為Blue Monday V.V Blue除了是藍色的意思,還是憂鬱的代名詞,很多人認為藍色跟心情不好時的感覺很像,暗沉而寂靜......但是,卻並不是所有的藍都會帶來憂鬱,例如粉藍色就不一樣了。 粉藍色是在藍色的基礎下加入白色,白色這種不是顏色的顏色,其實在很多人眼中都代表了完美,純潔和溫馨啊!所以粉藍的出現也是充滿了正能量的喔~   藍色有很多種,以下深藍色的產品,平時用就很Classic,但如果在假期後的第一天就開始Dark Blue,那我們的心情也很難不Dark Blue吧?倘若天公還不作美,星期一還是陰天的話,那種心情,真的難以形容啊......   [...]

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I bought a copy of this theme to test and I am impressed. Not only the theme is well thought out with good amount options and excellent customisation facilities but their support at their support forum is exemplary.I can thoroughly recommend the theme and the developer. I will be buying more licenses.
Sarumbear, Avada Theme
Awesome, You People are Extraordinary with Support and I don’t know any word which is bigger than extraordinary or have written here million times! Superb Theme Superb People and Superb Support! Thanks for Awesome Help! I don’t need to buy any theme again, this is ultimate THEME for Me for Every Business and Client of Mine.
Sherman, Avada Theme
This theme is GREAT. I have tried to work with other themes in the past and always run into bugs, but not with Avada! It is very easy to customize the theme to suit your site without any code knowledge. The portfolio and sliders are a must-have for me, and Avada truly delivers! I will be sticking with Avada for quite some time!
Marymaier,, Avada Theme

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