Kids get enjoyment, stress relief and a boost to their self-confidence from tackling drawing. Therefore, we cocreate with some children with special need. They drew some clip-art, e.g. flower, for our platform. Our customers can choose those art on our CAN products. Students can gain much appreciation from they public so that their confidence can be arised.

Each add-on clip art costs a license fee, HK $10. Customers can choose different patterns and the quantity of the clip-art as much as they want. The revenue of each single clip-art which they had chosen will be given to the student (the author).


透過繪畫, 孩子不但得到快樂和減壓, 更重要能令他們增加自信。 因此, 我們跟一些有特殊學習需要的學生合作, 教他們繪畫開心的花花圖案。 這些圖案可以在我們的網上商店購買, 客人選擇不同圖案和數量, 在產品上湊拼出獨一無二的作品。 每次圖案被運用, 學生不但得到十元的版權費,更會有無限的滿足感。

CAN Blue Watch

$ 690.00

Colour: Silver,Blue & White
Dimensions: L24cm W 5.5cm D 2.5cm
Weight: 80g
Material: Quartz Movement, Nylon Band,
Aluminum soda can Case,
Consolidated Mineral Crystal
Production: Made in Hong Kong
Battery: 1.5v alkaline Battery
Warranty: 1-year Conditional Warranty
Unit: 1 Piece
Dimensions: L 30cm W 8.5cm H 5cm
Weight: 120g
Package: Cardboard Case


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