CAN Co-Create Drawing Workshop ( for corporates only)

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May I know if you or your colleagues feel stressful or tired recently?

I would like to share a good news for you.

This year, our mission is spreading our core value , “Creativity is Happiness” to the society.
According to a research from New Zealand , creation releases pressure and let us feel good.
Therefore, it is our mission to cheer you up and provide a FREE DIY 30-minute workshop for you and your teammates.

It’s really FREE!

Terms and Conditions:
1. For corporate clients only. We will visit your company during lunch time.
2. Each participants have to prepare 4 A3 white papers.
3. Max number of participants: 15 people
4. We know Marketing , PR and Sales teammates always feel stressful. Please reserve 3 quotas for them in each company.



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