$ 990.00 $ 950.00

Colour: Marking: Gold,  Strap: Army Green
Dimensions: L24cm W 5.3cm D1.8cm
Weight: 80g
Material: Quartz Movement, Nylon Strap,
Aluminum soda can Case,
Consolidated Mineral Crystal
Production: Made in Hong Kong
Battery: 1.5v alkaline Battery
Warranty: 1-year Conditional Warranty
Unit: 1 Piece
Dimensions: L 30cm W 8.5cm H 5cm
Weight: 120g
Package: Cardboard Case

Product Description

People spend most of their time pursuing luxurious objects, especially watches, which reflect one’s social status and to gain respect by the others. However, in the inconvenient reality, most of them cannot afford one.


Alchemist is offering an alternative path for us to escape from reality with innovative ideas, hence the CAN WATCH DIVE series.


CAN WATCH DIVE is a series of watches made from wasted soda can bottoms with high standard craftsmanship. Each watch precisely resembles the details of the luxury watches in the market. The watchbands are made from genuine leathers with stamped details of the steel counterparts.


The watches are not capable of diving in deep waters, but anyway who dare go diving with a luxurious diving watch?


DIVE: 潛水 The meaning in Cantonese is to disappear and escape from reality.


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