CAN WATCH S 30n (Purple)

$ 680.00

Colour: Brown
Dimensions: L24cm W 5.5cm D 2.5cm
Weight: 80g
Material: Quartz Movement, Nylon Band,
Aluminum soda can Case,
Consolidated Mineral Crystal
Production: Made in Hong Kong
Battery: 1.5v alkaline Battery
Warranty: 1-year Conditional Warranty
Unit: 1 Piece
Dimensions: L 30cm W 8.5cm H 5cm
Weight: 120g
Package: Cardboard Case

Product Description

The CAN-WATCH-30n featured the original outlook of the soda cans, which retained all the colours and the manufacturing dates. The watch varies with bright nylon strap colours with matching hands. Surface of the watch is treated with number engravings that made it easily a hand timepiece for daily use.


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