All CAN be GEM

CanShine, 2022
CanGem art installation at Tamar Park,
Admiralty, HK  

Have you imagined the soda cans could be upcycle to thousands of CanGems?
The soda cans are like each one of us.
We CAN be a better self with infinite talents. 
We CAN be invaluable gems shining light on others.
We exist because of love.
Our lives value because of the everlasting love.
With love, let's smile and shine. 

Upcycled soda cans: 8000+ 

CanMas Installations, 2023
CanGem art Installation
 at Causeway Bay
Revitalised Typhoon Shelter Precinct, HK

CanMas Tree symbolises the transformative power of repurposed cans,
bringing joy and sustainability to all, up cycling over 15000 soda cans.

Upcycled soda cans: 20000+  

Reduce Wastes, 2023
CanGem on Canvas

Through its recycling program, L'Occitane delivers hand cream tubes to us.  Collaborating with members from sheltered workshops, we works hand in hand, utilising their skilled craftsmanship, to transform these recycled materials into unique art-piece, which not only contribute to waste reduction and resource conservation but also promote sustainable development from both people and the environment. 

Upcycled hand cream tubes: 1000+ 

Double CAN Fishes, 2018
Art Installation in Times Square Mall, CQ 

"Fish" has multiple beautiful meanings in chinese culture. ChongquingTimes Square invited Alchemist Creations to apply "fish" as the theme and combined with trendly and environmental friendly art elements to create an festive art installation, to wish everyone faarewell to the old and usher in the new. There is more that enough every year.  

Upcycled soda cans: 2500+

Xmas CAN art installation, 2023
at Louder store, HK

Upcycled soda cans: 500+

LOUDER , 2023
CanGem art-piece
at Store Decoration in Louder store,
Wong Chuk Hang

Upcycled soda cans: 500+

Can Glow, 2023
CanGem art installation 

Upcycled soda cans:1000+

About Our CAN Artist, Kat Ling

My CAN philosophy celebrates the transformative power of creativity, highlighting the uniqueness of each CanGem, mirroring the individuality of each being. Through repurposing discarded cans, I aim to unveil the inherent beauty in overlooked materials, symbolising potential and resilience in very being. Embracing sustainability and innovation, my art captures the essence of renewal and the pro-found notion that every individual possesses a unique brilliance waiting to be revealed.

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