CanPeace badge

by Alchemist Creations

A sustainable and colorful initial charm

made from upcycled Soda CANS.

Our Story

The hand-crafted CanPeace are detailed

with surprising soda can pattern and sliver-color back. 

They perfectly fits CAN Brooch and CanSweet Initials.

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Let's find out our inner self together!

How we make the CanPeace 

All CAN Gems are handmade with over 10 steps,

e.g. collecting, cleaning, trimming, punching, crafting, forming, overlaying, etc,
which are full of our craftsmen's love.

The most important some handcraft  procedures 

are handled by the under-privileged in sheltered workshops.

"Each CanSweet Initial is Unique just like all of us! " Alchemist says

Every CanPeace Badge is handmade

from different areas of soda can sheets

which is ensured to be unique in colors and details.

Show your Peace everywhere with CanPeace

Eco ready-to-ship gift packaging

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10% off!

Let's find out our inner self together

Our Thoughtful Choices

The metal parts are made from 14K filled gold or 925 sliver. 

They are highly durable, valuable and anti-allegy.

US 14K filled gold

925 Sliver

Alchemist Creations

Alchemist Creations is found in 2012 with the motto "Upcycle CAN Shine". We believe in discovering the beauty of the mundane and turn them into elegant goods. Alchemist Creations evokes the concept of "Combining Handcraft Production with Social Innovation". We utilize social resources to create innovative sustainable designs

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