~ The Ms. True ~


"Be your True-self !"


Give yourself a big love

with this simple statement. 


Live with imperfection, and find your true self


The Unique Heart


因此我們誠意為你用CAN GEM 訂做不同字母的鎖扣,更能表現你的重要獨特性。

The heart of The Ms True, buckle, is custom-made with your favourite letter. We also embedded soda can gems on it carefully so that it’s as unique as you.


The hidden Value

The Ms True 是由牛仔褲和汽水罐升級改造而成。 我們愛尋找未被發掘價值和不完美,我們深信這些代表我們內在無限的價值。
The Ms. True is upcycled from jeans and soda cans. We love to explore the hidden value and beauty of wastes which represent your infinite inner value in our believe.

Casual Messenger Bag

Chic Cross Bag

Elegant Shoulder Bag


3Ways to Carry

The Ms True 外表既硬朗又優雅;她不單止適合上班,更是配襯休閑服的不二之選,一個手袋三款用法,已能點綴簡單的裝束,所以她最適合型格而喜歡活出真我的女士。

The Ms. True is look sturdy and elegant . The Ms. True is lady’s best friend. It’s our favourite work, party and hang-our companion.



Handmade a wearable art-piece with heart 



收集物資、清潔消毒、量度剪裁、人手編織、設計文字、拋光打磨、混色上油、鑲嵌寶石等,全球獨有,香港原創和製造 !精心為每位女士創作最獨一無二的心意。

By combining designers and craftsmen's effort, each THE Ms. True includes at least 10 hand-making steps,  including material collection, sterilisation, trimming , weaving, polishing, painting, inlaying gem and etc. It's very special and original designed and made in Hong Kong.

It's a unique creation for ladies. 

精緻細節 更貼你心

Exquisite Details are closer to your loving

我們會提供多款顏色的CAN GEM 任君選擇,例如黑色/銀色/深藍/金色等,再鑲嵌在金色/銀色的訂造鎖扣上,更顯永恆無價。

We provide different colors of CAN GEM, e.g. black, sliver, gold, blue etc, for inlaying on the custom-made gold or sliver buckle, which reveals its everlasting value.

肩帶是用鋁製 ,再經多重安全電鍍,所以不易生銹和退色,十分耐用。
Non-rusted and not heavy chain. he material of chain is aluminium-made with many-time electro-plating. It’s durable and not easy to discolour.

A detachable inner bag is included which is designed to keep you organised on the go.

藍黑兩色 經典之作 

Classic Black and Blue


早鳥 訂製


(包括3年保養 及 75折早鳥優惠)

We accept early-bird pre-order NOW. 

50 places only ( including 3 year-warranty and 25% early bird discount)

Don't Hesitate to be the Ms. true 

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