About Us

Who are we?

Alchemist Creations is founded by 3 young designers in 2012 with the motto “Turn Neglect Into Shine”. We believe in discovering the beauty of the mundane and turn them into elegant goods. Alchemist evokes the revolution of “Combining Handcraft Production With Social Innovation”. We utilize social resources and we created innovative sustainable product designs.

The Design

We think from the basic and design from the basic. We take the readily available materials and we maximize the possibilities and make them design features. We ensure every product designed is a seamless integration of sustainability and innovation.

Sheltered Workshops

All procedures, especially handcraft productions, are handled by the under-privileged. They are often neglected by the society. They lack confidence and respect. Alchemist is willing to cooperate with them, offering them job opportunities. Through this cooperation, they are re-inserted into the society.


Everything has to be done in a safe environment. We put huge effort on designing special tools for the members to work. Throughout the years, we kept improving the production process by understanding their needs and difficulties. We seek help from experienced manufactures and made the process better.

The CAN Series

CAN Series is the very first product line that we produced. We utilize readily available materials, hence soda cans, as design features and created the world’s first soda can watch-the Can-Watch. Due to the social innovation and creativity behind, the Can-Watch is awarded the Red Dot Design Award Best of the Best 2013. The success of this product proves the prospect of this sustainable product design.

The Cooperation

Designers always hope to improve people’s lives. In 2012, we encountered sheltered workshops and found the members are highly skilled but with no chance given by the society to practice. Seeing this opportunity, we founded Alchemist Creations, a company that would nurture their potentials and raise their confidence. “Turn Neglect Into Shine” is our motto.


With years of work experiences, we glad to see confidence through every member’s eyes. Every day we are overwhelmed by their passions, which keeps us go on. We hope the public will recognize these talents and help them to rejoin the society.