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We Make Accessories With Soda Cans

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Hot Items!

CAN Sweet Clip

~ A joyful little gift choice ~
Small hair clip, big ambience.
Except being a hair clip, it can stand on the table, decorating your working space.
It can also clips on your collar, a nice detail on your outfit
A little hair clip, instantly brings kids and you joy and surprise!

CAN Sweet Brooch

Good Festival Outfit Choice
The ever-changing Can Sweet Brooch,
attaches the CAN CHARM of different letters and shapes.
Create your unique style.
A playful accessory with gold and silver elegance

 CAN Sweet Ring 

The ring itself is made with 925 silver.
After a series of polishing and refining, the crown jewel is inserted -
Our upcycled CAN CHARM with soda cans

CanPeace Badge

CanSweet Initial


Combining environmental protection and creativity,
The simple aesthetics of aluminum cans are incorporated into 
the precision design of mechanical watches and are an excellent demonstration of
upcycling and upgrading, and have won international awards.


Have you ever thought about other effects of aluminum cans?

The aluminum can surface pattern is very interesting, it is made into a brooch playful shape, and put together different patterns and their own name more personal style.

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