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CAN Letter Ring

CAN GEM is made from Aluminium cans with invaluable craftsmanship. Although #CanLetterRing just have 26 letters,  they are timeless pieces.

 CAN GEM Ring 

CAN GEM is made by hand from Aluminium cans
We put aluminium can gemstones into the ring, the appearance is unique, aluminium cans of different colors on the ringer shine.

The Miss True

The Ms True is an upgrade of jeans, woven by our artisans.

Its appearance is both strong and elegant, not only suitable for work, but also with casual wear is the perfect choice, so the most suitable type and like to live out the real lady.


Combining environmental protection and creativity,

The simple aesthetics of aluminum cans are incorporated into the precision design of mechanical watches and are an excellent demonstration of upcycling and upgrading, and have won international awards.


Have you ever thought about other effects of aluminum cans?

The aluminum can surface pattern is very interesting, it is made into a brooch playful shape, and put together different patterns and their own name more personal style.

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