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【CAN PINS——可口可樂罐胸針】

可口可樂伴隨著我們成長,在不同時代及角落也輕易看到它的蹤影。引人注目的紅色鋁罐,配上簡潔的白色Logo,印住Coca Cola兩個皆以C字起頭的品牌名字,想必這也是深刻在每個人腦海中可口可樂的模樣吧!可樂罐的設計看似簡單隨意,但仔細觀察,你便會發現罐上每一個細節位都有它的意思及原因,這也就是可樂罐值得欣賞的地方。我們想把空瓶了的可樂罐製作成獨一無二的扣針,將可口可樂的快樂傳染開去!
Most of us grow up in the time of Coca Cola, and we can easily spot them in different eras. The design of the coke can looks rather simple, however, if you’d looked closely, every inch of it is thoroughly thought and this makes it adorable!. We make special pins from the emptied coke cans and we hope the joy of Coca Cola will be spread!

可樂罐之所以那麼惹人注目,就如Mr. Asa G. Candler所講的「在黑暗中也能輕易辨識,就算摔破成片,也能一眼認出」,全因為它吸睛的正紅色罐身。紅色代表著熱情,給人一種歡樂的感覺。而白色的Logo則與底色形成對比,簡潔而又能帶給我們清涼的感覺。 According to Mr. Asa G. Candler, “A coke can is easily recognised in the dark, even if it was being smashed into pieces”. Coke cans are so attractive because of their distinctive red colour which stands for passion and joy. Also, the white-coloured logo and red background contrast radiates a simple and yet cool feeling to all of us.

再仔細一看可口可樂的Logo,Coca Cola這兩字是以史賓賽體(Spencerian Script)列印,線條不但優美,而且有動感,具有藝術感,也象徵著流行文化。When you take a closer look, the “Coca Cola” is printed in Spencerian Script, which is a very elegant and dynamic artistic font type. It also symbolises pop culture.

白色的Logo除了Coca Cola兩字,底部也配有一條帶有動感的絲帶線條,給人一種高貴大方及優雅的感覺,以襯托史賓賽字體的Coca Cola兩字。 Apart from the white-coloured Coca Cola, a dynamic ribbon sits nobly and elegantly at the bottom and sets off the Spencerian Scripted-Coca Cola.

把可樂罐往後翻來看,就是密密麻麻的成份表及營養標籤,學會看懂這些資料,就能僅記健康飲食的重要性,提醒著自己可樂絕不能喝太多呢!  When you flip the coke can, you can see a detailed description of every ingredient and nutrient. After reading those info, you should learn to drink not so much!

因近年提倡健康飲食,從而有了無糖可樂Coca Cola Zero的誕生。與經典版的紅色可口可樂截然不同,無糖可樂是以黑色作為底色主調,配上紅色的圖案作點綴,給予人強烈又摩登的印象。The healthy diet trend leads to the creation of Coca Cola Zero. The zero can has a totally different interpretation from the traditional coke can in which it applies a black background colour with eye catching red as detailing. The can creates a strong and yet modern impression to customers.

而且不同的扣針配搭不同的物品更會有不同的風格! Pins can easily match with various outfit styles.

最後值得一提的,就是每一個扣針也是獨一無二,每一個也是從可樂罐不同的地方切割下來,配以不同字母、形狀及圖案,絕對不會有重複品! Last but not least, every pin is unique as they are made from different parts of a coke can. There is no repeat!


自用和送給朋友一樣開心^^ It is a joyful gift for you and for your friends!


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