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Kids get enjoyment, stress relief and a boost to their self-confidence from tackling drawing. Therefore, we cocreate with some children with special need. They drew some clip-art, e.g. flower, for our platform. Our customers can choose those art on our CAN products. Students can gain much appreciation from they public so that their confidence can be arised.

Each add-on clip art costs a license fee, HK $10. Customers can choose different patterns and the quantity of the clip-art as much as they want. The revenue of each single clip-art which they had chosen will be given to the student (the author).

CAN Art changes the values

Double Fishes

A collaboration project of Alchemist Creations with Chongqing Times Square which is a large-scale installation held in the Chinese New Year period.

Carps mean good fortune in Chinese culture and are commonly seen in Chinese new year decorations. Two three-meter long carps built from soda cans are hanged on the elegant wall in the middle of the Chongqing Times Square’s podium means a better prosperity in the year of the Dog.

Second Life


Watch is always a representation of a person’s status, and one’s status always relates to money, position and power but we think that a person’s status may be measured by his concern towards the society and environment in other ways. We long to reflect this believe through our products.

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  • 【CAN PINS——可口可樂罐胸針】

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  • Hand-made leather strap

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  • CAN Classic

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  • CAN Blue Watch

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  • Co-Create Art

    $ 1,200.00
  • CAN Co-Create Clutch

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  • CAN PINK Watch

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  • CAN PINK Necklace

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  • CAN PINK Earrings

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  • CAN PINK Bundle Pack

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  • CAN Role

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  • CAN be HKer (自由定價, 請在FB inbox)

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